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Filmstocks Universal Effects Fixer 9.5 | Filmora Effects Fix


filmora effects fixer
This universal filmora effects fixer will fix all filmora effects
of collection 9.2 , 9.3 and 9.4, and will make them compatible with filmora 9.5.x
which are downloaded from ask4pc.

The Problem

Many times users install filmora filmstock effects in random orders,
Like, 1st they install from filmora 9.4 collection, then they install from filmora 9.2 collection etc.
Although all these effects are perfectly working together on the latest version of filmora, But you have to install any 1 effect from 9.4 collection in the last to fix all effects.
Many users are seeing this kind of popup error while using effects.

filmora login required error ask4pc 1

As checked on multiple users pc while helping them, we found that This error can come for multiple reasons. Most common issue were :
  1. Leftover files of any other version of filmora or
  2. Effects downloaded from any other website than ask4pc.
  3. leftovers of any other effect’s installation in %temp% folder.

This error had a simple solution,

Uninstall filmora completely, deleting all filmora files folders from programdata , program files and %temp% folders. And then installing ask4pc version of filmora and effects.

But it needs you to uninstall and delete and reinstall all installed effects again and many users were in doubts of how to do it correctly. We are sharing a universal Effects Fixer in this post. Which will solve all such kind of problems.

Clean Uninstallation

This step is not necessary if you are not changing filmora version. But it will be better to make everything clean.

If you want to uninstall filmora completely and easily the best method is to use Revo Uninstaller‘s Advanced uninstallation feature.  It will uninstall and clean all leftover files for a completely clean installation.
While uninstalling choose this setting.

unistall filmora ask4pc revoc

Or manually you can uninstall filmora and delete these folders :

  1. C:\ProgramData\Wondershare Filmora
  2. C:\Program Files\Wondershare\Filmora9
  3. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Wondershare\Wondershare Helper Compact

How to use

Install filmora latest and install filmora effects from 9.2 , 9.3 or 9.4 collection only.

It should work, if you have done a clean installation.

If you are still seeing the Login Required Error while using any effect from these 3 collection, Simply run ask4pc filmora effects fixer 9.4 from this post. It will fix this login required error.

Dont forget to comment down if it worked for you or not.

After installing any effect, you just have to run this fix again, No uninstallation and reinstallation required for effects.

Filmora effects working finally


Download Ask4pc Filmora Effects Fixer 9.5  (1.19 MB) from here.
(file name : EffectsFixer.9.5.rar)

Mediafire [Best] 
Mediafire [Best] 
One Drive 
Mega Drive 

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For downloading 1. Click Verify , 2. Enter Captcha , 3. Click Get Link
[Disable adblock if you face problem]

  • Unzip the rar file you have downloaded. Use Winrar => Download Winrar Latest Full version Free |ask4pc.
  • #Remember : If password is asked anywhere in downloading or opening.
    Simply enter
  • You will get these files :
    1. Ask4pc Effects Fixer 9.5.0.exe (Fixer)
    2. Ask Me(ask4pc).txt (Instruction file)

Suggestions :

  • After installing any effect, you just have to run this fix again
  • While installing any filmora effects if you see error like this, simply click [ Skip this file ]

    Filmora effects error

Any problem / Suggestions? comment :

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