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Wondershare Filmora9 (Easy+Powerful Video Editor) +patch


Most preferred video editor for youtube videos. A video editor for all creators .

Filmora, A video editor for all creators, is a very easy to learn and use. It's simplicity doesn't make it any less powerful. A new feature can be seen in filmora 9.1 about filmora filmstocks, which contain royalty free images, videos and sound effects. Some of them are free and some of them are chargeable.
It has all the necessary features you want in a powerful video editor like multiple Video Tracks to make layered based editing. Many effects , transitions , overlays , titles , sound effects and many pre-build templates, which users can use directly.
With this patch, You can enjoy filmora with internet connection on also (disconnection not needed.)

It has so many New pre-loaded effects and transitions that it will give your video professional look without doing much efforts.
In Filmora9 there are very big improvements comparing with the previous filmora. Now users can add upto 100 full video tracks for creating compositing effects and overlays which was limited to 2 in previous versions. Rendering speed is much improved. Chroma key filters are Enhanced to give more control. New and enhanced stabilization tool, will stablize shaky videos. Preview video quality in editing dashboard can be reduced to work smoothly without affecting the quality of exported videos. Now you can Flip, rotate, scale, and move any video clip or image within the preview window.

Create amazing videos easily using Filmora's wide range of powerful editing tools.Filmora has tons of new effects for your videos. You can download All filmora effects from ask4pc.

Note :
* This version will only work with 64bit PC, If you have 32bit windows, you can download fimora 7.8.9 (which is the last 32bit version of filmora from here => Download Filmora 7.8.9 (32bit) full + license )
* Previous Effects Packs/ Sets which were working on Filmora8, will not work with this filmora, you have to download new sets. You can download them here : List of Filmora9 Effects

Filmora is very popular among youtubers.
Filmora a simple yet powerful video editor for making and editing their videos with professional effects and editing tools.
Filmora's new user interface makes it easy for anyone to become great video editor by making your videos stand out with modern look


Basic Features :
  • Action Cam Tool
  • Correct lens distortion
  • Clean up your audio
  • New speed controls
  • Instant Cutter
  • Trim or merge clips quickly
  • Instant export
New features in Filmora9:
  • Filmora Filmstocks – Royalty free images, videos, effects and more.
  • Add upto 100 Video Tracks.
    Now you can add upto 100 video tracks for making effects, filters, transitions which was onliy limited to 2 in previous versions.
  • Improved importing and exporting.
    Speed of Importing and exporting of video files has improved making it much faster than before.
  • Higher and adjustable Preview video.
    Now preview video can have higher resolution of playback, Users can also adjust the playback quality to low which is beneficial while editing + it will not effect the output quality of video.
  • Chroma key is improved.
    The green screen effects are improved o give you more control and adjustment.
  • Upgraded stabilization tool.
    Shaky footage can be stabilized by stabilization tool which is upgraded to give more controls.
  • Upto 100 Audio Tacks.
    Now users can add upto 100 Audio tracks timeline for compositing effects.
  • Keyframe Audio Editing.
    Now users can adjust audio with keyframes within timeline to make more adjustments.
  • Adjust video clips within preview window.
    Now users can Flip, rotate, scale, and move any video clip or image within the preview window.


Download Filmora Setup + Patch (265.8 MB) from here.
(file name : Film0ra. )

Download (douploads)
Download (Uploadev)
Download (userscloud)
Download (Dailyuploads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (Indishare)
Download (GoogleDrive)
Download (Bdupload)
Download (File-up)
Download (Mediafire)

For downloading just Enter captcha and proceed

  • Unzip the rar file you have downloaded. Use Winrar => Download Winrar Latest Full version Free |ask4pc.
  • #Remember : If password is asked anywhere in downloading or opening.
    Simply enter
  • You will get these files :
    1. Filmora. (Setup)
    2. Patch F.9.x.x (ask4pc).exe (Patch file)
    3. Ask Me(ask4pc).txt (Instruction file)

How to Install :

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of filmora and Wondershare Helper completely.
  2. Install “Filmora.”

  3. While installing uncheck “Join the User Experience Improvement Program.”

  4. After installing don't Launch the software, exit if running.
  5. Now run “Patch F.9.x.x (ask4pc).exe” (Run as administrator).

  6. It will show message [Filmora patched].
  7. Start filmora and Open a new project.
  8. Go to Help > Offline Activation.

  9. Enter Email and Registration code from here.“Ask Me (ask4pc).txt”


Solving Error :

If you have installed any previous version of filmora or effects from ask4pc, You may see this error..
Just Click [ Ignore ], Otherwise all effects will reset.

Suggestions :

  • Don't update.
  • Don't launch filmora before patching.
  • If you are having any problem, uninstall it completely and try again with steps.

Extra Effects Plugins Set :

You have to download new effects sets for this filmora, Old version sets will not work.

???? List of All Effects for Filmora 8
???? List of All Effects for Filmora 9

Video Tutorial :

Any problem / Suggestions? comment :

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56 Responses to “Wondershare Filmora9 (Easy+Powerful Video Editor) +patch”

  • Rio says:

    Hi, I can’t download this file in all link except mediafire, but when it can be downloaded it’s corrupt so I can’t open it too. please reupload it … thank’s a lot

  • kenzie tolentino says:

    can I update this to the newest version?

  • Arsalan Mughal says:

    When Filmora 9.2 will be available on this website?

  • Jigar Matang says:

    brother where is the text icon?

  • chosn4one says:

    It’s says the software is patched, but none of the registration codes are working! I keep receiving a message that the registration code is invalid. And, there’s a watermark on every video I create. Please help! I have a project I need to complete.

  • ravi says:

    Upload filmora pro new software

  • Jeffery says:

    hi sir, if I have a licensed copy, can I still install this version and install all the effects?

  • sonia says:

    hello, the rar is empty, and when i try to open it with something else, it says file damaged. what to do?

  • sninjoii says:

    thanks for this!! great work

  • ZhiZhii says:

    When I run “Patch F.9.x.x (ask4pc).exe” ( Run as Administrator ) It does not show anything even “Filmora Patched” Please help

  • odhi Satria says:

    when i tried to patch appear “insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service”
    and then the patch gone,

    i allready turn off my antivirus and windows defenders,
    can you give the solutions ?

  • APTEM says:

    When using effects packs (e.g. Winter Action Cam) – the fonts are not displayed properly. Some default fonts are used instead. While in Filmora 8 everything works fine.
    Does anybody face similar issue?
    I tried to install the same fonts in Windows and they work fine in other programs, but in Filmora still same problem.

    • Ask4pc says:

      It is a known error. We will soon post a solution for it. Till then you can use system fonts in filmora.

  • Salih says:

    Hi bro! I have a problem export video in filmora! it is showing “failure”! Please bro help me!

    • Ask4pc says:

      try changing export format.
      It is possible that the raw video file which you are using is damaged.

  • fabian says:

    Hi ! I have only 67 transitions how to get more ?

  • marisca says:

    why when I extract patch theres notification: Cannot execute “C:\Users\WINDOW~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXb1188.33736\Patch F.9.x.x (ask4pc).exe”

  • Meeta Joshi says:

    Can you please upload Wondershare Photphire 1.3.1 version please. I need it.

    • Edilson Ribeiro says:

      Olá Meeta Joshi, eu tenho o software que vc precisa e na versão que vc também esta precisando.

  • orkhon says:

    I am having a devil of a time trying to do a total uninstall. This program stores files all over the OS, truly nightmarish. Can you please help? Thanks, again.

  • baltazar53 says:

    Hi thanks for these release can you update it to 9.1.1?


  • Sarigama says:

    Thank you. It works great while in online mode. But shows an annoying pop up “Your computer seems to be offline, causing a connection error. Please check your connection and try again.” we can close this pop up and go on with our work without any issue. But each new project this annoyance will repeat. Please provide any fix. I can’t upload a screenshot through this comment box.

    • Sarigama says:

      Thank you. It works great while in online mode. But while in offline mode (ie when PC is not connected to net) it shows an annoying pop up “Your computer seems to be offline, causing a connection error. Please check your connection and try again.” we can close this pop up and go on with our work without any issue. But for each new project this annoyance will repeat. Please provide any fix. I can’t upload a screenshot through this comment box. Uninstalled and reinstalled it again but issue still remains.

  • Anton says:

    why its always crash while testing the videos?
    It pop out bug splash please report it?
    Can you fix the problem thank you.

  • sujith says:

    will this work in linux???

  • sjp says:

    thank you sir ,, great job

  • Maneesh says:

    Hello dear, pls upload a edius editing software.

  • solantis says:

    I’ve installed it a few times and also ran ccCleaner but it does not start except for the first time but then i crashes. Any ideas?

    • Ask4pc says:

      have you installed too many effects at once?
      it should work ????.
      Uninstall completely then install again.
      try with your antivirus off.
      if still not working, maybe its because of low pc specs.

  • r says:

    Win32/Occamy.C alert – is it infected?

    • Ask4pc says:

      Check the downloaded file should have same size mentioned on the post.
      If antivirus detects patch as virus, it is false positive.

  • sidath vimukthi says:

    thanks very much. but I cant save projects

  • Mr Sepo says:

    Thanks for your efforts. I am just inquiring to see if you plan on releasing Filmora Pro?

  • krishan says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, I have request.
    Can you make people make a full bundle for all the effects for 8 version also? Just like filmora did on their website.

    Single file for all the effects for 8 ( version, so that we can install all the effects on single installation. That will be great help for all of us. Downloading separate is not a problem, but installing all the effects one by one is very time consuming. Plus whenever new version come, uninstalling and reinstalling the same effect is more time consuming too.

    Please do the same thing for 9th version effects too. The people who wants the particaulr effects, use these regular links. Who want to install all effects, can do with single installation file.

    I know its lot to ask. Still waiting for your positive reply.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Ask4pc says:

      Installing all effects at once will slow down the software.
      Thats why it’s better to separate them all.
      plus filmora also don’t provide single download link for all effects ????.
      plus You don’t need to uninstall and install all effects again while upgrading new version of filmora. SImply after installing new version of filmora install any one set from here.. and all effects will work again.
      Note : While uninstalling previous version don’t tick “Delete resources files also”.

    • krishan says:

      Got it. Thanks a lot for the info. I will do from this from next time.

      I was talking about inbuilt the resource file, which has all effects and transition.

    • Ask4pc says:

      ???? Oh okay.. Will try to post it soon.

  • ramesh says:

    where are resource pack in filmora 9? There are many things to download inside software. give us the resource pack

    • krishan says:

      Hi remesh, once you have installed filmora 9.

      Just click right click on any effect or texts/credits.

      You will see download all button. once you click it. You can download the fille for all the resource. Its approx 1.2 gb.

      Meanwhile I am sure they are working on many more effects and resource file.

      I hope, it will help

  • Dary Cortez says:

    Hello, how are you? I like your job a lot.
    thank you very much for that

    I want to ask you a question how to uninstall the filmora 9 and when you install it again, the registered one comes out as the first time you install it. I wanted to know how to do it so that when I install filmora I do not leave the previous record

  • neovideo says:

    Works great, thank you!

  • Arbel says:

    Can you add pc horror games?

  • muhammad bilal says:

    wow thank you so so so so much you are so Great . Lot of Love your you.Keep Making
    patch . and can you Please upload malwarebytes Patch i shell be very great thank full to you

  • alan george says:

    hope no virus and spy activities installed in patch

  • Dany says:

    can this be installed in mac os?

    I have tried to install the filmora 9 packages and only install the default ones (in windows)

  • Iqbal says:

    well done !.!.!
    it’s the latest version?