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Fix for Disappearing Filmora9 Effects | Solution


By installing this all issues related to Disappearing Filmora9 Effects will solve.

This is a fix for old filmora effects , for filmora9 version 9.1,
Download : ask4pc effects fixer 9.5
effects fixer 9.5 will make filmstock effects of collection (9.2 , 9.3 , 9.4 and 9.5) (downloaded from ask4pc)
compatible with latest filmora 9.5 


Issue :

If You install any old set after installing a newer set in filmora9 then,
Previously installed effects will disappear.

For eg.,
If you have installed “DIY Set” from Part-9 post from ask4pc.
After that, if you install “Neo Theme Set” from Part-5 post.
DIY Set will disappear from filmora9 dashboard.
(because NEO theme set is older than DIY set.)


This setup will fix all filmora9 effect sets which are installed but not visible in dashboard.

  1. Simply download this file from Mediafire. => F9.10.3.Fix.(ask4pc).rar
    (0.58 MB)
  2. Unzip it.
    You will get “FIX.(ask4pc).exe”.

  3. Whenever you install any old version set, simply run this “FIX.(ask4pc).exe”.

  4. It will fix disappearing issue.


  1. This will only work of Filmora 9.x.x
  2. It will not work on filmora7 or Filmora8
  3. Here is the VirusTotal Analysis of the file :

How to Uninstall Individual Sets

  1. Goto C:\ProgramData\Wondershare Filmora\Default Effects
  2. Right click on DefaultPackage and click “Properties”.
  3. Remove Check from “Read-Only” and click OK > OK
  4. Go to Add Remove program of windows (Or Revo / Iobit uninstaller)
  5. Simply uninstall the set which you want to remove.
  6. After uninstalling sets, Run “FIX.(ask4pc).exe” downloaded from above link. Fix for Disappearing Filmora9 Effects

Any problem / Suggestions? comment :

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37 Responses to “Fix for Disappearing Filmora9 Effects | Solution”

  • blank yash says:

    sir in default pacakge my record_effects.json and record_transition,json files are not showing what to do??

  • blank Shaurya says:

    I have by mistake permanently deleted program files of filmora 9. I still have program files*86 of filmora and it is running but not showing any effects even after reinstalling effects.
    Any solution
    thank you in advance

  • blank Niko says:

    Hi, i cant find any effect of the Block buster effects… When I open filmora i find only the stock effect…?

  • blank ersr says:

    I downloaded F9.10.3.Fix. (ask4pc) .rar and installed it, but I don’t know where the program was installed because when installing the program there is no folder where you can install the program

  • blank Ayush says:

    All of the effect i downloaded from ask4pc is working except blockbuster3,4,5 and two or three more. I also used effect fixer.but it is only solve login issue. Please fix it

    • blank Ask4pc says:

      Download only from collection 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5.
      and use effects fixer it will work.
      Old effects of collection 8, 9 or 9.1 will not work perfectly.
      Collection numbers are written in title of the post.

  • blank Geoff says:

    Hi! I have a problem, some effects that I have installed are seen in the “effects tab” but everytime I will play it by double clicking, some of them will now able to play, just black in the screen. Please helpp

  • blank Lester says:

    Hi, I installed the effects one by one, but when I open Filmora and is not connected on the internet, the effect cannot be used. So I connected my WiFi, but it requires me to subscribe when I use the effect. It directs mo to the website and I choose free, but still the same problem. I would be grateful for atleast help me or enlighten me where did i go wrong. Thank you po and God bless!

  • blank Akash says:

    Haii sir..when i install filmora it has only 67 Transtion, and other effect.
    But i want to download all filmora-defult effect.
    I am right clicking in filmora in effects..and it has a option download all and i click this,it redirects in google drive,here it has a file 1gb called filmora defult effect.
    I downloaded that and install but the total transition is still 67, but is has to be more…
    And i also try your fix…but no luck
    Please creat the defult effect
    Pleasee sir…this is the official link-

  • blank Lalo says:


    I don’t know if this will fix my problem.
    What i have, if when I install a pack effect, they never showing on filmora, what i do is close Filmora from pcu manager, then installed again the pack effect, and then they show up. But every time I close Filmora and open it again, I need to do that all again in order to see my effects. Don’t know if that’s a normal error. But if not this will fix it?

  • blank Hans says:


    after installing any effect from you, the split screen options are gone. Is there a way to get them back?

    Thank you very much.

  • blank anton says:

    hi there,

    I used your fix for missing previous effects, but in case of “horror pack” it does not work.

  • blank Pete says:

    Hello, after installing the Fashion Set Part-1 (this is the only pack I’ve installed),
    an extra folder (named DefaultPackage.~0) was created automatically in the program data folder. Seems like duplicated copies from the original defaultpackage folder.

    Before installing, the original defaultpackage folder(around 80mb),now it became 668mb + DefaultPackage~0 (588mb), totally 1.2 gb , is this normal? Thanks

  • blank Angelo says:

    Good friend a question, is there an update or solution for the FIX? Why in the new film 9.2 does the Split Screen function disappear? Thank you..

  • blank Geneve says:

    Hello, thanks for all packs and Filmora too, is there a fix to Split screen desapeer? Thank you.

  • blank Sobat says:

    Post the new fix with new effect part 11 and 12,
    In official website Filmora isnt show up about new effect, the last effect is ENTERTAINMENT SET VOL 2

  • blank Grey says:

    Has anyone tried this with older version but new packs? Or is it only for F9 with 9.1.1. effects? What about old ones then?
    Doesn’t matter how many times I instal this, some of the newest effects doesn’t show up or simply say that I don’t have rights to use these effects and then they disappear from filmora, leaving only old ones (like the very first ones until F7)

  • blank SK RONY says:

    I am using filmora9.1.1 and install Neo Theme Set but it is not visible in dashboard. than I use this FIX but still Neo Theme is not visible. what can i do now?

    • blank Ask4pc says:

      Check if you have installed filmora8 Neo or filmora9 Neo.
      If it’s not visible. try installing it again.

  • blank sahibe alam says:

    this is not open effect in filmora

  • blank Robi says:

    How do you download from Zippyshare? The links redirect to install “MessengerTime Download”.

  • blank manu says:

    Hi! may I ask why both my antivirus softwares say this is a trojan?

  • blank Rahul says:

    all effects pack not covered
    is missing please upload………
    Please. Please. Please……..

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