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Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Offline Setup (Latest) + patch


After effects 2017 logo ask4pc
Latest version of adobe After effects CC 2017 (creative cloud) 64bit.

Adobe’s After effects CC 2017 version 14.1  can create incredible and stunning visual effects and motion graphics for film, TV, video, and web. Actually adobe after effects do not need any introduction to a person in the field of video editing, animation and post production of videos. It can render 3D graphics with motions , also their are many templates available on internet which you can use to create stunning videos , Logos , Intros , Animations etc.

Note : Adobe after effects only supports 64 bit of Operating system and will not work properly on lower versions of pc configuration.

Adobe after effects 2017 is also having an inbuilt animator known as Adobe character animator. Characters created using photoshop or Illustrator can directly animated using this. Also you can use your webcam to track your facial expressions and voice to auto-animate it using this tool.


New Features

There are many new features added in this version of after effects.

NEW! Features of After Effects CC 2017 :

Live 3D Pipeline

Objects, Scenes , 3D modeles from CINEMA 4D can be directly inported and can be edited.

Refine Edge tool

Keep details of motion-blurred edges from background by creating natural-looking composites.

Warp Stabilizer VFX

This adds the ability for the object to get stabilized , reverse stabilized and preserve a scene’s original scale to fix tricky shots.

3D Camera Tracker

The 3D Camera Tracker makes it possible to reproduce the original camera movement in a scene. also track optimisation is improved.

Global Performance Cache

Now ehile working it saved the project as cache, Which makes editing in after effects much faster.

Optimized and accelerated and lots more changes and improvements.


Adobe After Effects 2017 Full single archive :

Download  Adobe After Effects 2017  (64bit) Full offline + patch (1.8 GB) from here.
(file name : AE.CC.2017(ask4pc).rar)

After effects 2017 full 
After effects 2017 full Download (filescdn)
After effects 2017 full Download (BDupload)
After effects 2017 full Download (indishare)
After effects 2017 full Download (GoogleDrive)
  • Unzip the rar file you have downloaded. Use Winrar => Download Winrar Latest Full version Free |ask4pc.
  • #Remember : You will need password for opening the archive. Simply enter
  • After extraction, You will get these files :
    Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Offline Setup (ask4pc) (folder)
    Main.Setup (ask4pc).msi (Main setup file inside folder.) (! ignore other files)
    AE.CC.2017.Patch.(ask4pc).exe (Patch)

    Ask Me(ask4pc).txt (Instruction file)

How to Install :

Kindly note that this is really heavy file and needs heavy decompression while installing, so your pc might get slow. It’s normal. Close other processes while extracting and installing.

  1. If you have any previous version of “adobe after effects” installed, Uninstall it.
  2. Install “Main.Setup (ask4pc).msi” (this is main setup file it will automatically install after effects.)


  3. The setup will close after installation.
  4. Don’t run the software. Exit it, if running.
    Note: you will not get any icon on desktop, you will only get a icon in start menu.
    Don’t click this before patching.


  5. Turn off your antivirus. !Important
  6. Now Run “AE.CC.2017.Patch.(ask4pc).exe” (Run the Patch as administrator)
        Click [ Patch ]


  7. It will show [ successfully patched ]


  8. All Done.. Start After effects from start menu create a shortcut on desktop manually if needed.
    (If running for the 1st time, Run it as administrator.)

    ** Let us know if you encounter any kind of problem..**

Suggestions :

  • Don’t forget to turn off your antivirus before patching.
  • Don’t Update..
  • It will disable adobe to connect with internet. (Check your firewall settings to enable it again.)
  • In some Windows, you might get Error 1316: account already exists. If you are getting this, download and uninstall Adobe AE CC x64. Using this tool

Any problem / Suggestions? comment :

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31 Responses to “Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Offline Setup (Latest) + patch”

  • blank Sami says:

    After effect works on the windows 7-64bit operating system???

  • blank ppap says:

    sir, Photoshop(18), and Premiere(17+18) are be japanese.
    but AE only can’t be japanese.
    plz kind help.

  • blank Sami Uddin says:

    Hello, when I run the .msi, the installer suddenly quit. Nothing happening and it closes itself. What to do?
    and run as administrator not showing here…

  • blank gulfi says:

    thnxxx you sir…………….

  • blank thanesh says:

    bro my windows installer is not working

  • blank Roxy says:

    I successfully downloaded AE CC 2017 and ran for 1-2 days but now whenever try to open it it shows error report like After Effects error: Crash in progress, last logged message was:
    C:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017
    Please do help me.

  • blank Shajahan says:

    where is the patch file.?? There is no patch in the folder.

  • blank Tabs says:

    Sir, when i click the main there is no after effects installed. and i try to patch, it says target file not found.

  • blank Issac says:

    Which of the link to download adobe after effect is resumable when downloading after been paused for a while

  • blank Issac says:

    What’s the difference between Adobe after effect and filmora?..and which of the links to download after effect is resumable when paused for a while when downloading?

    • blank Ask4pc says:

      Filmora is easy to use and can be used for basic editing of video clips.
      After effects is a professional one which works on vector basis, Elements can be created and edited and there are lots of professional features.
      If you are downloading with IDM(internet download manager), it will make any link resumable. Better choose gdrive link

  • blank Sam says:

    Hello, when I run the .msi, the installer suddenly quit. Nothing happening and it closes itself. What to do?

  • blank majibur says:

    Sir, i have faced a problem when I trying to patch the software, it says Target file not found..plz guide me how to find this target file. thank you

    • blank Ask4pc says:

      If you have installed it in default location, you will not get this error.
      Also run it as administrator.
      by default target file is here => C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files

  • blank hantim says:

    showing script.aex not loading error

  • blank Ratna Mondal says:

    I want Adobe After Effect for 32 bit window. please help.

    • blank Ask4pc says:

      Actually.. the last version that worked with 32bit was after effects CS4.. which is very very old.most of the new plugins don’t work with you really want a post on that?
      It would be better if you update your PC, to enjoy full features of After effects

  • blank prateek says:

    now working.thanks sir for your support…

  • blank prateek says:

    i reinstalled again says api win crt runtime 1-1-0 dll is missing

  • blank prateek says:

    not working when i try to open this it shows some misc file is missing.and asking for reinstall

    • blank Ask4pc says:

      You have not uninstalled previous version or maybe this version is not installed properly.
      See the last point in suggestions section above.
      and do a fresh install.

  • blank Kuntal roy says:

    When i open …..Main.Setup (ask4pc)…….
    A installer opend and run. after a small time after its roll back again then exit automatically. I try Troubleshoot compatibility and its says incompatible program.
    pleas help admin.
    My pc config is intel corei i3 4gb ram.

    • blank Ask4pc says:

      It will work only for 64bit windows.
      32bit windows are not supported anymore.

    • blank Kuntal roy says:

      My OS is windows 10×64

    • blank Kuntal roy says:

      My OS is not 32bit
      Its 64bit.
      plz help

    • blank Ask4pc says:

      It should work then,
      Dont change compatibility settings.
      If you have any antivirus turn it off, and try running the setup as administrator.
      Also check the last point of suggestion section. And then try to reinstall.
      For more, message here :

    • blank Ask4pc says:

      Try this : copy the files to the root of the drive
      Like d:/ or e:/
      Then run the main setup.

  • blank erum says:

    I want Adobe After Effect for 32 bit window. please help. No matter if previous version of the software can be provided.

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