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Facebook trick to Invite all Friends in One click (2017)[Expired]

Introduction :

Many times, when some of our readers create a facebook page, they find it difficult to get likes on their page in initial period. One easy method to get lots of likes on your page is to ask your friends to like it. Facebook has an option in which you can invite your facebook friends to like your facebook page. But if you want to invite many friends or all of them, it will be quite difficult for you, as you have to invite every friend by sending them invitation individually. Which is really a time wasting process.


OK so, here we are giving you a trick which you can use to invite all your friends in ONE click and get likes on your pages faster.. Just follow the instructions.

How to use :

Step 1.

Be sure your “bookmark toolbar” is visible. If it is not visible make it visible by following steps :

In Mozilla Firefox :

1. Open Mozilla firefox browser.

2. Press [Alt] Key on keyboard and keep pressing it.

3. Press [V] Key (for view option)

4. Press [T] Key (for toolbars option)

5. Press [B] Key (for bookmarks toolbar option)


In Google Chrome :

1. Open Google Chrome browser.

2. Press [ctrl] + [shift] + [B] Keys.

Your bookmark toolbar will be visible.

Step 2.

Facebook Invite All

Drag this icon(shown above) from here and place it in bookmarks toolbar as shown in the next pic.

Step 3.

1. Open your page in which you want to invite your friends, on your Computer.
(for example our page link is : )
2. Click the bookmark you just dragged in your toolbar [Facebook Invite All]

(bookmark which you dragged in previous step)
3. Just wait for few seconds, You will see your friends getting invitation automatically, one by one.

Suggestions :

Next time, just open the facebook page you want to send invitation & click this bookmark
All your friends will get invitation to like your page in few seconds.
Any problem? comment below.

Any problem / Suggestions? comment :

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