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  • 27 Apr, 2017
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How to download from ask4pc

Some users are facing problem in downloading from our site, and commenting on our post like , Fake links , Not able to download , etc . Actually , the problem is, we are hosting our files on other website’s server’s and those site display ads, and this is the reason many users may find it difficult to download the files.

So here is the guide to download files from these hosting sites. It is very very easy to download just 1-2 step process, Follow this.

Step 1 - TMEARN

On some of our posts, When you click any link you will get tmearn page. Just tick the box. and click [Click here to continue]


Step 1 : Just wait for 5 Seconds. Step 2 : Click [Get link] button.


And.. you will be on your download page.

Step 2 - Download page

You will get any of these sites like tusfiles , filedwon ,Userfiles , UploadMor , Uploadocean , BDupload, indishare etc.


Step 1 : Wait for 5 Seconds.


Step 2 : Click [Create download link] Step 3 : On the next page , Click [Click here to download]



Step 1 : Wait for 9 Seconds.

Step 2 : Remove tick.

Step 3 : Click [Download]


Step 4 : Click [Download Now]





Step 1 : Click [Download here xx MB]


Step 2 : Click [Click here to download]



Note :

  1. Ignore ads , we can’t help in that.
  2. You will always get a .rar file. If you are getting any other file, cancel downloading it and click again.

Gamebot127: For bandicam 4.0.1 how do I block “%programfiles%Bandicambdcam.exe
Guest588214: hello
Guest595321: this site is very nice , smile
Guest600216: Plz give me password for corel rar
Guest602022: Do you have win 10 activator education edition ?
Guest602022: nice work, nice site !!!!!!
Ask4pc: Password of every file is :
Guest608784: hello.. what is the latest fimora version? not the one you added in this site..
Guest609948: hello sir please update new files
Guest609948: plz add muvizu patch version
Guest614307: can give me the download for 64 bit link?
Pappu: Add latest Idmkissy
Ask4pc: OKay.. Time to Update all stuffs. hat
Guest633194: hello sir please crack
Guest636446: Still waiting for updates . oh_please
Guest652207: can you please provide me with autodesk maya full activated version
Guest652234: Cod archife wirar
Guest655135: Please Muvizu ka crack upload kro bhaii
Guest655135: Please upload the full crack of muvizu
Ask4pc: Sure. will try
Guest655605: Thank you for yuor service!
Guest655605: *your*
Guest656468: bhai fl studio kaise download kare
Guest658361: filmora have now realeased youtube intros set
Ask4pc: Its free.. you can download it from official site.
Guest662362: hrllo?
Guest663312: Like no one
Guest663312: Ff
Guest663312: Hi
Guest663312: [FF0000]Ask4pc:
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