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Filmora Effects Sets Collection Autumn-Travel Vol.2 (Part-8)

Filmora Effects collection December 2017 with many packs/sets.

Updated (4 Dec. 2017 ): Filmora Travel Vol. 2 Set  Containing 5 packs – Modern Camper Pack, Terminal Pack, Travel Delight Pack, Travel Journal Pack,  Travel Magazine Pack It contains 62 Titles, 35 Transitions, 12 Overlays, 103 Elements.

Added : Filmora Autumn miniPack with Warm, stylish, autumn effects feature modern patters and falling leaves.
. It contains 6 Titles, 2 Transitions, 4 Overlays, 11 Elements.

These effects are working perfectly on filmora 8.5.0

Wondershare’s Filmora Video Editoris a great software for video editing with professional effects and editing tools. And, to take it to one step further , You can install Filmora effects packs like these., which increases the experience to use this software to great heights. There are thousands of available effects you can use in your videos.

Download Filmora Latest Full version from here|ask4pc.

1 more point to remember is Filmora now supports only 64 bit computers, from filmora version 8.0 onwards.
So if you are having 32bit computers download filmora version 7.8.9. BUT Remember these effects sets will not work with 7.8 or 8.0 version of filmora.
These effects requires atleast filmora version 8.1 version to work
The effects packs provides really great options to customise your videos with really simple user interface. Most of the youtubers use these nowadays to make their videos stand out with professional look.


Download Individual effects packs from here.


Filmora Autumn Pack – Wondershare Filmora Effects
  • Filename : F.Autumn(ask4pc).rar
  • Size : 139.1 MB
  • Title: 6, Transition: 2, Overlay: 4, Element: 11
  • Requires atleast v8.1.0
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (GoogleDrive)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (Senditcloud)(less ads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (BDupload)

Filmora Travel Vol.2 set – Filmora Effects (Updated 4 Dec.)
  • Filename : F.TravelVol2(ask4pc).rar
  • Size : 275.8 MB
  • Title: 62, Transition: 35, Overlay: 12, Element: 103
  • Requires atleast v8.1.0
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (GoogleDrive)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (Senditcloud)(less ads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (BDupload)

More effects sets coming .. stay visiting. Like our facebook page to get updates.

For downloading just Enter captcha and proceed


Wondershare Filmora All Common Free Effects sets – Collection
Wondershare Filmora All Blockbuster sets (Vol.1-Vol.5)
Wondershare Filmora All Effects Packs Full version part-4
Wondershare Filmora All Effects Packs Full version part-6
  • #Remember : You will need password for opening the archive. Simply enter
  • Sometimes antivirus cause problem in extracting or installing, turn off antivirus if you are facing issues in extracting.
  • You will get 1 setup file in each rar file, Just install any setup normally.
  • Do not install all sets at once, it may slow down filmora.

** Let us know if you encounter any kind of problem..**

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