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Wondershare Filmora 8.1 All Effects Packs Full version part1


Complete Effects Pack for Wondershare’s Filmora Video Editor.

Wondershare’s Filmora is a great software for video editing with professional effects and editing tools. And, to take it to one step further , You can install Filmora effects packs, which increases the experience to use this software to great heights.
This post contains Filmora Resource effects, Filmora 80s Effects, Filmora Beauty effects , Fashion effects, Holiday effects Collection, Filmora Japanese collection Effects , Romantic collection effects.
It’s easy-to-use, has amazing text effects, stunning animated titles designed, amazing Transitions, filters.
Remember : this post is only about Filmora’s effects packs and not about the software. If you don’t have filmora , You can download it’s latest full version from here => Download Filmora Latest Full version |ask4pc.

Links for filmora holiday pack and filmora Romantic pack updated on 17th april 2017. Comment down if you got any dead link. both these packs are recompiled and hence they are smaller in size. Don’t worry they include all effects in them.

1 more point to remember is Filmora now supports only 64 bit computers, from filmora version 8.0 onwards. So if you are having 32bit computers download filmora version 7.8.9.


The effects packs provides really great options to customise your videos with really simple user interface. Most of the youtubers use these nowadays to make their videos stand out with professional look.


Download Individual effects packs from here.


Filmora Resource Effects Pack for 7.8 version :
  • Filename : F.Resource.7.8.9(ask4pc).rar
  • Size : 356 MB
  • This set contains all effects, which are included in filmora.
  • Requires below 8.0
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (indishare)

Filmora 80s Effects Pack – Wondershare Filmora :
  • Filename : F.80s-Effect-Pack(ask4pc).rar
  • Size : 305 MB
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (indishare)

Filmora Beauty Effects Pack – Wondershare Filmora :
  • Filename : F.Beauty-Effect-Pack(ask4pc).rar
  • Size : 145 MB
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (indishare)

Filmora Education Effects Pack – Wondershare Filmora :
  • Filename : F.Education-Effect-Pack(ask4pc).rar
  • Size :124 MB
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (indishare)

Filmora Fashion Effects Pack – Wondershare Filmora :
  • Filename : F.Fashion-Effect-Pack(ask4pc).rar
  • Size : 101 MB
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (indishare)

Filmora Holiday Effects Pack – Wondershare Filmora : (updated)
  • Filename : F.Holiday-Pack(ask4pc).rar
  • Size : 145 MB
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (indishare)

Filmora Japanese Effects Pack – Wondershare Filmora :
  • Filename : F.Japanese-Effect-Pack(ask4pc).rar
  • Size 283 MB
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (indishare)

Filmora Romantic Effects Pack – Wondershare Filmora (updated):
  • Filename : F.Romantic-Effect-Pack(ask4pc).rar
  • Size : 61 MB
Download (uploadocean)(fast)
Download (DoUploads)
Download (userscloud)
Download (DailyUploads)
Download (9xupload)
Download (indishare)



Wondershare Filmora 8.1 All Effects Packs Full version part1
Wondershare Filmora 8.1 All Effects Packs Full version part2
Wondershare Filmora 8.2 All Effects Packs Full version part3
Wondershare Filmora All Common Free Collection
Wondershare Filmora 8.2 All Effects Packs Full version part5
  • Unzip the rar file you have downloaded. Use Winrar => Download Winrar Latest Full version Free |ask4pc.
  • #Remember : You will need password for opening the archive. Simply enter
  • You will get 1 setup file in each rar file, Just install whatever you want.

** Let us know if you encounter any kind of problem..**

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93 Responses to “Wondershare Filmora 8.1 All Effects Packs Full version part1”

  • Tudor says:

    Horror pack coming soon, or I buy it from them?

  • ABDO KAKI says:

    How to setup Luts effects plugins in Fillmore 7.8.9? help pl z!

  • sugumar says:

    pls upload Filmora full Advance tutorial PDF and which effect part include all effect for 32 bit and 64 Bit

  • ashutosh says:

    update me with all software

  • Drave says:

    can you please upload google drive links?

    • Ask4pc says:

      All new effects are on google drive also.
      just part-1 and part-2 are not on google drive.

  • Chris says:

    Are these plugins the same as the Transparent Video Clips that can be used in any software?

  • Poor Guy says:

    This is great and all but could you specify which effect files are for the 7.8.9 (32-bit) versions. Some of the files are large and time consuming when downloaded but won’t work because it requires an 8.x.x version (64-bit)? Also, the title of the page is kind of misleading “Wondershare Filmora 8.1 All Effects Packs Full Version Part1” yet there are for 7.8.x here. Aside from those I’ve said, the app is working great, with the patches and all. Great job!

    • Ask4pc says:

      Actually these all effects are tested on filmora 8.1 and worked. only the resource pack is tested on 7.8.9. thats why title is for 8.1.

  • hanzo says:

    hi im big fan of ur work but i want to ask u can u put all effects pack and all updated but compatible with the latest version and thanks

  • Erny says:

    not able to download how can i go through it

  • wongsolo says:

    is individual effect work for ver 7.8 (32bit ver)???
    because I already download full set pack effect

  • Nipun says:

    I want to ask can I get Professional broadcast effects
    For 32 bit pc

  • san says:

    im get checksumerror archive error and 4 error how to open it

  • Julia says:

    How I can get this for mac?

  • prajwal shetty says:

    i need Lower 3d Tamplet for filmora 7

  • amit says:

    bro only business pack is showing in filmora all other packs are not showing. What to do?

    • Ask4pc says:

      Check your software version. should be above 8.1.0. Run the files as administrator. It will work.

  • Aldrin says:

    Hello, I installed the news, and cinematic overlay, but there are no effects, transitions, overlays, etc. added on the editor, what should we do?

    • Ask4pc says:

      Check your filmora version. These effects will only work with filmora 8.1 and above.

  • Ask4pc says:

    Post updated. Now you can download all new collections of filmora from here : All Effects Packs Full version part-3

  • Slim Shady says:

    Hi! I would like to suggest adding the following:
    – SciFi Set
    – Geometric Set
    – News Set
    – Wedding Set
    – Cinematic Overlay
    – Fitness Set

    Please add these sets. Thanks!

  • don dai says:

    Please…….. Upload Si-fi pack for filmora

  • Debasish sarma says:

    hey,its really amazing and you are really great that all this effects are cracked and work perfectly ..but need the sifi effects and i have searched in many websites but didn’t the cracked version…. so can you upload the sifi cracked version .i will really appreciate it….

  • Debasish Srama says:

    Thanx all of the effects worked perfectly with filmora v7.8.9

  • Debasish Srama says:

    will this wor with filmora v7.8.9

  • Sagar Pawar says:

    no password match bro

  • Usman says:

    i need common text pack.

  • Thankful says:

    This works and I am very thankful! I paid for the full program a few months ago but the effects/packs are really expensive to buy them all!

  • Tamz TV says:

    Great work ask4pc. I need ‘News set’ for Filmora, its the latest i guess, can i have it here..

  • Linoa41 says:

    Hello, could you make a pack for the Cinematic Overlay Set?
    Thank you

  • Mohammed says:

    Firstly thankyou i like this site very much, my question is do this effects support wit tell plz all software in downloading wit ur site only coz its gud software collection… .tell my answer….

  • Harshit Bhatia says:

    need resource pack for 8.1 help !!!!!!!

  • Gilbert says:

    what is the extract password? thank you

  • Faraway22 says:

    whoawww thanks pal…

  • galal mohamed says:

    do they work with version ?

  • raftaar says:

    how to download this effect

  • mohit says:

    please upload fitness and business effect pack

  • azar says:

    yes, some of them working.

  • azar says:

    can i use these effects for 7.8.9 version ?

    • ask4pc says:

      Not all of them are working with 7.8.9 version.
      But some of them are working with 7.8.9.. We’ll check and and update this info in some hours.. Plz wait

  • Shakeel afridi says:

    Thanks alot ask4pc for help and i am sorry for our message and know download is working after your reply

  • jerry says:

    which link works better??

  • drish says:

    plzz make all effect file to download…….please 🙂

  • Shakel afridi says:

    totally fake i am tired to download the resources but isn’t working and directly opened other windows but don’t start the and this is my second messagge

  • yuvac says:

    When i clicks the link it lead to some other site …. It is fake

  • Daniel says:

    Hi ask4pc / akiraSM,
    How can i backup resources from present installation and copy them to new installation.
    Some Music and others which i had downloaded, i want to copy over from friends laptop and in this 8.2 installation download its not downloading.

    • ask4pc says:

      Copy folder “C:\ProgramData\Wondershare Video Editor\Resources” from friends laptop.
      to your laptop’s “C:\ProgramData\Wondershare Video Editor\Resources” folder.. and it should work.

  • Bhavesh says:

    i need Other Pack Like business pack, fitness pack , cinematic overlay pack.please give me link for downlode.

  • Bhavesh says:

    I have completed Downlode F.Resource(ask4pc).rar And Installed Successfully But Its Not Working .

    • ask4pc says:

      filmora resource only installs effects, which comes with 7.8 version of filmora. It will not install all effects. but will install many of them. Compare before and after installing this effects and you will know.

  • prince says:

    All link expired
    And fake

    • ask4pc says:

      Actually they are not fake.. and yes.. we have removed all tusfiles links. thats why you were getting error.. Now we have updated all links of this post.. just click download then skip linkbucks ad.. and you will be on your download page. Don’t forget to reply back if it is working for you or not. we will help you.

  • AV says:

    Hey guys, I think your Holiday Effects Pack are incomplete, I’ve downloaded effects pack from another site, and theirs are 200MB+ sized and includes differents effect. If you want it I can give you the link for it.

    • ask4pc says:

      No, @AV , you can check.. files provided on other sites are not working. holiday effects pack provided here are complete and working. try it.

  • Shakeel afridi says:

    Downloading problems
    When i click on download link some other pages are opening but i can’t download

    • ask4pc says:

      Click on download button above. you will get an ad page see on the top right corner “Wait for 5 seconds” it will change to [Continue] button after 5 seconds.
      Click that you will be on download page. We don’t always put ads on our site. If your want direct link, you can ask us on our fb page ask4pc fb page

  • deepanshu bansal says:

    Need others pack such as business pack, fitness pack , cinematic overlay pack

  • AkiraSM says:

    I have 8.1 version Filmora and i need to tell that Romantic Pack doesn’t work. When i run it, it says “This Romantic Effect Pack Installer Requires Filmora v7.0 or later, please download and install the latest version of Filmora”. Resource and Holiday Packs also don’t work but i can install it. I noticed that both of this packs lacks .ini and .xml files that contains info that Filmora uses to tell what is what. So Filmora doesn’t read it at all, like it doesn’t exist. All other Packs work perfectly with V8.1 that you provided, i tested them one by one. I’d like to see these new packs if it is possible, actually the whole “Cinematic Overlay, Fitness and Business Sets” Thanks

    • ask4pc says:

      OK, we are again testing it.. and yes “Romantic Pack” “Resource pack” and “Holiday Pack” are having issue working with filmora 8.1. We are working on a patch by which you can use these sets with 8.1 as well. We’ll post it on our facebook page when done as well on this site.

    • AkiraSM says:

      If it is of any help i have found working Resource Pack with same stuff like yours have (took me a day to compare installed resources). Actually it is an old 7.8.9 resource pack. So if you want it i can upload it to shorten your work. Also i have old Summer Pack that works with 8.1 and 8.2 Filmora, and right now i am searching for old Valentine’s Day pack to complete this Filmora obsession 😛

    • ask4pc says:

      Thanks but.. we have already uploaded new resource set. as well as complete Holiday set. links will be changed in a few minutes.

    • AkiraSM says:

      Thank you so much!

    • ask4pc says:

      Ok so.. current position is this –
      1. we have updated holiday effects set successfully.
      2. resource pack is working as well, but is updating only old effects not the new one which are introduced in 8.1
      3. romantic pack is a free version effect set. you can download it within filmora. however we have a way for making it offline. but it’s not worth it.. or maybe.?

    • AkiraSM says:

      I have installed filmaora 7.8 and your Romance pack, only to find that this is not same pack as New “Romance pack” which you can download for free from Filmora site. This pack that you have is actually old Valentine’s Day pack that can’t no longer be found anywhere. I have extracted files and now it can be used by direct copying in resource folder of filmora 8.1 or 8.2. So in my opinion you should fix installer of your “romance pack” and kill that “version barricade” (only if you want to have all resources on your site, unless you care only to provide new and popular packs) and i would gladly like to see your site have that free packs here because you never know when will Wondershare shot them down. Anyhow i am grateful for what you are doing for a bunch of people that are not deigned even to say “thanks”…

    • ask4pc says:

      I think.. you are right.. ok let’s make this (y) , by the way you are genius for “comparing and finding out the solution” thing. we are using the same method (recompiling all free setups) , for our next post.

    • AkiraSM says:

      You are doing great job! I admire your work but at topmost i admire that you have nerves to politely answer every stupid question. These day people expect that everything should be putted in front of them. Thanks for the compliment! I noticed that one thing that Filmora lacks is support for creating music lyrics video. Surely you can use a ton of different text effects but it almost have no flexibility so i would like to make custom resource for Filmora. Right now i am a bit short of time. So next thing for me is learning how this works. I understand overlay effects and badges, but text is giving me a problem. Since you need to animate elements and set custom text parameters. Do you have any knowledge about this?

    • AkiraSM says:

      It’s excellent installation! Well done!

  • Arcangelo says:

    resource non funziona sul 8.1

  • sathiya seelan says:

    Please i need latest Bussiness and gym effect which were included

  • Harshit Bhatia says:

    Need BlockBuster pack and even more packs 😉

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