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Monday, 19 August 2013

Download Uniblue PowerSuite Pro 2013 Full + [Serial Key] | Ask4pc


A Brief Introduction:

PowerSuite PRO 2013 4.1.7 is a system utility that will help your computer run much faster. The program can also clean up and fix all registry problems. The program has a feature that scans all the drivers installed on your computer and looking for them to available upgrades. You will only need to install these updates to resolve, and you will always have the latest drivers. After work this utility to your computer, you’ll be surprised at how much better your system will work.

Monitoring and maintaining your PC isn’t the easiest of technical tasks
Equipped with a comprehensive performance solution, you will be surprised how quickly and effectively the job can get done.
Start by running a full system scan to check your PC’s level of optimization and find out which areas of your system can be improved.


Means of improving performance:

  •     CPU manager. The process can create problems due to the capture of too many system resources. CPU manager protects against this by adjusting the priority of the process, before he would chip away excessive amounts of resources.
  •     The acceleration of launching applications. When you run the application launch vehicle acceleration forwards additional system resources to reduce the startup time.
  •     Acceleration to run applications from the “Start” menu. Acceleration to run applications from the “Start” menu increases the speed of opening programs from the “Start” menu. For this is pre-emptive load data into memory.
  •     Proactive thumbnail generator. Every time you open a folder with images, Windows generates thumbnails for previewing. When you turn on the generator-ahead after the designs open a folder, the PC performs a one-time generation of thumbnails and stores the relevant data in the system folder Windows. The system will quickly extract thumbnails from memory, rather than generate them.

Optimization of the system:

  •     Unused processes. Powersuite defines the processes and services used by the operating system in the background. If any of these processes and services are not used by the system, the program will disable them to free up system resources.
  •     Corrupted registry entries. Powersuite clean registry from corrupt entries. The registry is a repository of important commands for hardware and software, which requires constant access to your computer. Damaged records are accumulated to the extent of work, particularly as a result of removal of software, parameter changes and replacement of equipment. Removal of damaged records can improve the efficiency of processing problems your computer. Updating the drivers.
  •     Powersuite check your equipment and determine whether there are any updated drivers for any devices. If updates are available, the program can download and install all new drivers with one click. Driver Update improves the efficiency of the equipment. In addition, it is the main way to resolve problems with equipment.
  •     Defragmenting the registry. Registry data suffer from fragmentation when the instructions are scattered in different parts of the disk. Powersuite defragment the registry, thus optimizing the performance of your computer.

Optimization of the disc:

  •     Unnecessary files. Section Unnecessary Files allows you to remove Windows temporary files and free shopping cart. Very often in these places accumulate unnecessary files, consuming your disk space.
  •     Disk fragmentation. As you use the data scattered or fragmented disk on different hard drive partitions. This may adversely affect the performance of your hard drive. The program organizes the data carefully, avoiding fragmentation and increasing data access speed of your computer.
  •     Removing old backups. To free up disk space, you can delete old backups, they are restore points and backup files to update Windows.

  Price : 89.95 $ from Official Site 


1.Download    "Uniblue Power Suite 4.1.7(ask4pc).rar" (size : 20 Mb) (setup+Serial ) from the given Button :-
     (This is Offline/Standalone Installer, it will install without internet connection. [If you already have setup you can ignore this])
Download Setup
((please wait 5 seconds and press
[skip ►]))

     .Download    "Uniblue Power Suite-Serial Key(ask4pc).rar" (size : 1  Mb) (Serial key only) from the given Button :-

Download Key
((please wait 5 seconds and press
[skip ►]))

2. Extract  
both archive
   Unzip it by winrar

 Remember : PASSWORD for this archieve is  :

3. You Now Have Files:-

  1. Powersuite-standalone-setup(ask4pc).exe
  2. Ask Me(ask4pc).txt

How To Install

1) Install  "Powersuite-standalone-setup(ask4pc).exe"

2) Click [Agree and Install]  


3) Do scan .


It will then show this Screen ...

4) Click  "Already Purchased? Activate PowerSuite Pro Now."

5) Paste Serial Key from Ask Me(ask4pc).txt

powersuite key
6)   Click [[DONE ]]

It will be registered.

Enjoy  ..!!!

** Let us know if you encounter any kind of problem..**


* Don't Update


  1. the registry key is failed or invalid..


  2. WARNING!!! The writer of this article has provided a file, which is not working! You are just going to waste your time I am telling you! I searched for hours for the working file and luckily I already found it, and I think it's the best to share it with you!



    Trust me this is the full working file, I tested it already and recommend it! :)


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