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Monday, 8 July 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Full version (Serial Keys + KMSpico 4.1 Activator) | Ask4pc

MSoffice 2013 LOGO

A Brief Introduction:

Microsoft Office 2013 full version is closely associated with the SkyDrive service, which is

In addition, Office 2013 will automatically synchronize between computers different configuration templates and dictionaries. Microsoft Word now drop support for the PDF format, along with the Read Mode will automatically customize the appearance of text to provide the best reading experience. if users can insert video from online services such as YouTube, MS Word, Excel new version allows the user to analyze performance data simple.

Whether you love, like or dislike Microsoft, there’s no denying the power Office has in business. From the smallest operations to the largest enterprise, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and the rest of the suite are ubiquitous.

Now, with Office 2013, Microsoft has worked to cut out the clutter and create a streamlined version for today’s mobile enterprise that integrates with SkyDrive’s cloud storage service, allowing for touchscreen capabilities that works across different devices.

Ask4pc ++
To download the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus , you need a Windows Live account.
But if you do not want to do registration, below we have provided direct links to download Office 2013  (Offline standalone versions..)

Will Work on:

Windows 7,
Windows 8,
Windows Server 2008 R2 or
Windows Server 2012.

Key Features

Top 10 new features of Office 2013, according to Microsoft:

1. Connect to the Cloud, Connect to your Content
When you are online and signed in, the new Office saves your documents to the cloud (Microsoft SkyDrive) by default. You can get them on your tablet, PC and phone and share them with others by just sending a link. All of your Office applications, documents and personal settings go where you go. That means things like your custom dictionary follow you no matter what device you’re using. Plus, when it’s in the cloud, it’s backed up — you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

2. No More Multiple Versions
Managing and reviewing documents is designed to be easier, as all changes and comments are consolidated in a single version on SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro. Even if you don’t have Office installed, you can collaborate as threaded comments allow you to see who replied to whom and when. Mark a comment as “done,” and it will collapse and gray out to indicate that it’s closed, yet it will remain accessible for future reference. Worried about not catching a change? Use the lock tracking feature so that no change can get by without you seeing it.

3. Bookmark Files Automatically
Have you ever closed a report, only to reopen it and spend five minutes trying to figure out where you left off? With the Last Location feature, Word and PowerPoint automatically bookmark your last position. When you reopen the file anywhere—even on your phone—you can pick up right where you left off.

4. Outlook & Social Networking
Miss a colleague’s promotion? The new Office helps you stay in the know by connecting your social networks. The People Card in Outlook joins multiple contacts into one view, reducing duplicates, and offers the latest social context, including status updates, contact information and pictures from Office, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can even share part of your spreadsheet on your social network pages. SharePoint, meanwhile, will recommend people and documents for you to follow based on your interests and responsibilities.

5. Digital Ink
Now you can use touch and “inking” functionality to take notes, write emails and access features with the new Office and Windows 8. Specifically in OneNote, the inking is designed to let you draw, erase and edit content using your finger, stylus or mouse. Inking also converts handwriting into text for you.

6. PDF Editing

With the new PDF reflow, you can now open PDF files as fully editable Word documents, making paragraphs, lists and tables act like familiar Word documents. Open the PDF file in Word and you can copy text, tables and other content to reuse in other documents.

7. Smoother PowerPoint
The improved Presenter View in PowerPoint has new tools that make note cards a thing of the past. Now you can privately view speaker notes; see current and upcoming slides; zoom in on specific areas; jump between slides, and even keep track of how long you’ve been presenting. With the auto-extend feature, PowerPoint automatically enables Presenter View when you connect to a second screen and ensures that your presentation is projected correctly.

8. Fancy Excel Data
New Flash Fill reformatting in Excel makes rearranging data much easier. This feature helps Excel learn and recognize your patterns and auto complete the remaining data cells without all the manual formatting. Analysing data used to involve quite a bit of work, but now it only takes a few steps to quickly create different types of charts, including line and column charts, or add miniature graphs (called sparklines). You can also apply a table style, create PivotTables, quickly insert totals, and apply conditional formatting.

9. Email Attachment Reminder
By detecting keywords and phrases, the new Outlook reminds you if you forget an attachment before you press Send. Or, you can avoid attachments altogether and share links to documents saved on SkyDrive.

10. Image Search
The search functionality in the new Office is improved and available for email, attachments, calendar appointments and contacts. In OneNote, notes are automatically saved and searchable. You can also search the notes and files you’ve added to find anything you’ve captured—a page in a presentation, text in a picture or a comment in an audio clip by typing a keyword or phrase.


To download the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus , you need to have a Windows Live account.
But if you do not want to do registration, we are providing direct links to download Office 2013  (Offline standalone versions..)
these direct download links will save your time and you'll not need to depend upon Microsoft's download application which requires Java runtime environment installed

1. Download    "Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus (32-bit)
" (size : 666.62  Mb) from the given Button :-

Download Now
((please wait 5 seconds and press
[skip ►]))

     Download    "Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus (64-bit)" (size : 769.70  Mb) from the given Button :-

Download Now
((please wait 5 seconds and press
[skip ►]))
If you already have Office 2013 Pro plus. You may leave this step.

    You'll get a .IMG file and you'll need to extract it
    You can use GBurner ( recommended )   from HERE  
    After extracting the file, you'll get a folder containing all the required setup files.
     Just run the "Setup.exe" file to install Office 2013 in your system.

2. Download    "MSoffice2013 (Serial + Activator KMSpico 4.1).rar" (size : 1.02 Mb) from the given Button :-

Alternate Link
((please wait 5 seconds and press
[skip ►]))
          You Will Get  "MSoffice2013 activator.rar"
        Extract  "MSoffice2013 activator.rar"
   Unzip it by winrar : IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT, DOWNLOAD IT FROM   HERE  

PASSWORD for this archieve is :

3. You Now Have Files:-

  1. OfficeProfessionalPlus_x86_en-us.img  OR  OfficeProfessionalPlus_x64_en-us.img
  2. Ask Me (ask4pc).txt
  3. KMSpico(ask4pc)4.1.exe

How To Install

  • Before installing Microsoft Office 2013 Professional PRO Plus .
     You should first uninstall the OLDER versions of Office 2013 if Installed.
    To avoid failures in the installation and activation of Office 2013.

1. After extracting the file "OfficeProfessionalPlus_x86_en-us.img" or "OfficeProfessionalPlus_x64_en-us.img"
(you'll get a folder containing all the required setup files.)

2.Just run the "Setup.exe" file to install Office 2013 in your system.

3. Install .
with the serial keys provided in Ask Me (ask4pc).txt

If Successful, it is Done..

If above Serial Keys don't work for You
(Very Rare Case..)
Install     KMSpico(ask4pc)4.1.exe    and Restart Your PC
  .. Done

Enjoy  Fully Registered OFFICE 2013.!!!
** Let us know if you encounter any kind of problem..**

* Disconnect Internet Connection while applying patch.
* You may require to Run it as administrator.


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  2. Thanks for informing..
    Link has been updated..

  3. your crack Alternative Link not Working!!

  4. Admin
    How do I make it run forever because it says it'll expire after 30 Days?

    Please email me on or comment on my requst please.

  5. You don;t have to do it.. activator will automatically keep activating it.
    It will never expire.

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  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. setup can't continue gives error "an imporrtant file is either missing or corrupted, run setup again from original source or from downloaded location."

  9. pls tell me admin. how do i fix the problem.Everytime i run setup it gives error "a required file is either missing or corrupted,run setup again from original source disc or from download location.

  10. *Update (01 May,2014 ): This post is the older version.. Please get the latest version from here..
    Which is working perfectly

    Click Here = > Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus + (ask4pc KMS Activator 2014) | Ask4pc

  11. Replies
    1. Sorry but.. till now only 32 bit. :[
      we will psot new versions of both.. in some days.
      Like our facebook page. to remain updated.

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