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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Download RAR Password Unlocker 4.2 (fastest) + [Crack] | Ask4pc

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A Brief Introduction:

RAR Password Unlocker   is proved to be a helpful tool when you forgot WinRAR/RAR password and cannot open the RAR archives. It can recover RAR password at high speed via 3 attack options: Brute-force, Brute-force with user-defined Mask and Dictionary.
  •     Support all RAR files created by any tools
  •     Recover RAR password faster with SSE, etc.
  •     Support multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration
  •     3 efficient password attack options available
  •     Save password recovery process automatically
  •     Shut down computer automatically after recovery

Key Features

Powerful WinRAR Recovery Tool
Quickly recover forgotten passwords from encrypted
RAR archives (*.rar) created by any applications,
including the latest version of WinRAR. Unlock any
password-protected RAR archive no matter what
compression and encryption algorithm is used.
Recover Fast with GPU & Multi-core CPU
Recover RAR password at high speed by using
advanced SSE technology and new search algorithm.
Allow you to accelerate RAR password recovery with
Multi-core CPUs, NVIDIA CUDA GPUs and
3 Efficient Password Attack Options
Brute-force Attack – Try all possible password
combinations when you have no idea about it.
Brute-force Attack with Mask – Greatly reduce the
recovery time by specifying the forgotten password length,
character set, etc. (High Recommended)
Dictionary Attack – Recover lost RAR password by
trying the password combinations in the built-in
dictionary as a password. Self-created dictionary
in any language is also supported.
Search for Encrypted Files
Search feature helps you find your encrypted RAR
archives easily and fast by scanning your PC.
You can select the type of scan you want to use and
scan specific files – from your entire computer system
to one or two selected folders.
Auto -save Recovery State
Stop and resume your password recovery process
anytime through the auto-save feature.
This RAR password cracker can automatically
save your password recovery state.

More Features

Efficient Recovery
Recover RAR password at high speed, regardless of your encrypted RAR archive size.
Program Priority
Allocate more CPU power to RAR Password Unlocker and speed up recovery efficiently.
Auto shut-down
Shut down your computer automatically when WinRAR password recovery completes.
Easy and safe to use
3 simple steps to retrieve password in a safe and easy manner. No any data loss or damage.

  Price : 39.95 $ from Official Site


1.Download    "Rar-Password-Unlocker(ask4pc).zip" (size : 3.41 Mb) from the given Button :-

Alternate Link!!
((please wait 5 seconds and press
[skip ►]))

2. Extract  
PASSWORD for this archieve is  :

3. You Now Have Files:-

  1. Rar_Password_Unlocker(ask4pc).exe
  2. Rar_Patch(ask4pc).exe
  3. Ask Me(ask4pc).txt

How To Install

1) Install  "Rar_Password_Unlocker(ask4pc).exe"

rar unlocker
     Click "Finish"

2) Install "Rar_Patch(ask4pc).exe"

Rar unlocker
    Click FINISH ..

How To Use

1) Select the RAR  file to Unlock ..
        Tick Brute-Force with Mask attack.
         Click Tab "Brute-Force"

rar use
2) Choose what combination to use..
          Minimum/Maximum length of password  to try. etc.
          Click Start..

rar use
3) It will Display the password after trying all possible passwords combination as specified by User..

#PS :
We have Tried to unlock 3 length password protected file.
selected all Combinations to try.
and got it unlocked within 2 minutes 13 seconds.
Which is fastest recovery than any other software.( Also tried Many other softwares but found this best and fastest.)

Enjoy  ..!!!

** Let us know if you encounter any kind of problem..**


* In windows Vista , 7 and 8 ;  Run Patch as administrator.


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